Thursday, January 22, 2009


Tonight some friends and I went to a new spot in Greenwood called Gainsbourg. What I had read thus far described it as an homage of sorts to the French man-about-town Serge Gainsbourg, so I was looking forward to a solid French-y experience (a la one of my old favorites, the Sitting Room).

The menu was indeed styled in that fashion -- croque monsieur, frites, and fromage all featured prominently -- but I just wasn't totally wowed. The menage a fromage and brussels sprouts with bacon were highlights, and the salmon pate a lowlight. The prices for these small plates certainly helped to nudge up the rating, though, topping out at $8 a plate. One other important note: Our server reported that they had received their liquor license just yesterday, making for at least two very happy martini regulars.

From a design perspective the American country chairs in the front of the room weren't my favorites and I wasn't sure how the hoof table lamp fit into the overall decor, but I did love the hammered tin and fabulous light fixtures. Of the four of us, we were evenly split on a return visit to Gainsbourg.

[Photo courtesy of mutineermagazine]

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