Friday, March 20, 2009

Eat, drink and be merry: Wallingford, Belltown, Capitol Hill

You know it: That panic you feel when your friends say, “Why don’t you decide where we’re going on Friday night,” or you’re plotting out a big date and are stuck for ideas on where to go to look knowledgeable/hip/interesting. I’m a big fan of Urbanspoon for restaurant info and reviews, but sometimes you just want someone to tell you where you should go.

I’m all about deciding what neighborhood you’re in the mood for on a particular evening, as much as what kind of food or vibe of a restaurant or bar. (Side note: If you like reading about neighborhoods check out Build LLC’s "Better Know a Neighborhood" section on their blog. I love that they delve into the cool design – and other – elements of select areas around the city.) Accordingly, I’ve broken down my suggestions below into neighborhood categories, and included a few other helpful tidbits. I’ll be back in future posts to offer new suggestions, so stay tuned.

Want to play cool kid in Wallingford?
  • Rancho Bravo taco truck (how more of-the-moment do you get than the taco truck?)
  • Ice cream at Molly Moon’s (the salted caramel ice cream makes my taste buds do a little jig)
  • Al’s Tavern for pool and Rainier on tap (divey dive of the best kind)

    The traditional Belltown vibe:
  • Drinks at Branzino (clubby goodness)
  • Tavolata (the lamb ragu is fantastic; this is my favorite of Ethan Stowell’s restaurants)
  • Dessert at Restaurant Zoe (the citrus vanilla creme caramel is to die for, though starting there with a drink and an app of the fresh ricotta gnudi isn’t a bad idea either)

    Or maybe you’re in the mood for Belltown, but not the usual scene:
  • Drinks at Cyclops (good beer and always-interesting art on the walls)
  • Rendezvous (it’s true – they serve food)
  • Shorty’s for Coors Light bottles (and pinball, of course)

    Going for the foodie end of Capitol Hill:
  • Drinks at Licorous (we already know that I love it there)
  • Osteria la Spiga (the open, modern interior is a perfect compliment to the food)
  • Café Presse (go for coffee and seriously hipster atmosphere before heading over to…)
  • Dancing at the Century Ballroom
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    1. Ah - this is a great theme. Everybody's got their favorite restaurant, but what's their favorite combo? It comes as no surprise that "What Would Alix Do" is setting the standard.