Saturday, October 17, 2009

On the blogs: Manhattan tree house, paper chandeliers, Blue C Sushi, healthcare reform

Like many of you, there are several blogs that I return to day after day (or subscribe to, or RSS, or whatever method you choose) to see what’s happening and what interesting things are on the radar. On my blog I’ve listed several of my favorites, but here are a few recent posts that I’ve enjoyed and think that you should check out as well:

The team at BUILD LLC posted photos of their recent Manhattan Tree House Pavilion, designed by BUILD in Seattle and constructed onsite for a Microsoft product launch in NYC. A fantastically modern interpretation of the traditional tree house.

Paper chandeliers? What the heck? It’s wacky ideas like this that make me check back regularly and see what’s new and inspiring on design*sponge.

In “Outpost”, Seattle Metropolitan’s Steve Wiecking gives us a very cleverly-written look into what’s happening in the cultural life of the city. I particularly his weekly Met Picks, a snapshot of all of the cool things coming up that we should check out.

Nancy Leson’s “All You Can Eat” is a must-read for me because in addition to sharing a recipe from time to time she talks about food from all different angles: Her travels around the Seattle area and often further afield; who is opening new restaurants and what makes them and the restaurant interesting (Blue C Sushi downtown -- excellent!); and happenings like this upcoming event at Town Hall about the politics of food.

On Rebekah Denn’s “Eat All About It” she recently talked about the future of restaurant criticism which as you might imagine hit close to home, given that I’m one of those who simply likes food but has no professional credentials. But dining and posting responsibly, I hope…

I don’t know if Margaret and Helen really ARE two grandmothers, but I choose to believe it so that I can really enjoy an introductory paragraph like this one from their recent post about healthcare reform: “Margaret, I know it has been a few years since we last made the trip across the pond, but I was wondering if anyone is still alive in Europe? I watched a little bit of Fox News this weekend and I’m afraid everyone in Europe might have died from lack of access to healthcare. What a shame. They had such delicious food and beautiful art.”

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