Monday, December 7, 2009

Party it up at Equinox Studios

Georgetown does its “Art Attack” art walk the second Saturday of each month, and the biggest arts venue in the neighborhood is hosting a Very Open House on the December date.

Equinox Studios is one of those great industrial buildings in Georgetown that has been converted into studio space, and houses some fantastic artists and their work. Over 45 of them, in fact. I like it because it offers a huge variety of disciplines: blacksmiths, steel and wood workers, photographers, painters and graphic designers, screen printers, sculptors and metal fabricators.

It’s hard to top having access to all of that creativity in one location. And on this particular occasion there will also be live music, food and beverages so really, no reason to miss it.

The details:

Equinox Studios Very Open House
Saturday, December 12
6:00 - 9:00pm
6555 5th Avenue South, Seattle (one block south of Michigan Street)

[Photo courtesy of the artist, Stacy Rosevear.]

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