Saturday, February 7, 2009 (aka Portal to Fabulousness)

We’ve all seen them at the Fremont Sunday Market: Local artists selling everything from beautiful scarves made of hand-sheared lambswool to odd gum wrapper handbags. Etsy is one of the web’s more interesting ways of delivering those kinds of handmade products to us from anywhere you can get an Internet connection and a shipper to mail off your wares. It’s an enormous marketplace of all kinds of creative goods slotted into categories like Dolls and Miniatures, Geekery, and Needlecraft. My favorite, though, is the all-encompassing Everything Else, subcategorized into Religious, Taxidermy, and Weird. One of the items? Shed Antler Runes. Really and truly. I love that there is someone out in the world –- in Royal Center, IN, actually -– making these and posting them for sale.

I confess that mostly I stick to jewelry when I go from perusing the vastness that is Etsy and get down to the nitty gritty of buying. One of the sellers I return to often is Beth Pohlman Jewelry. Her designs are delicately metal and have a warm, organic feeling. With names like Granulated Seed Earrings, Bud Burst Necklace, and Maple Blossom Pendant how can you *not* feel perfectly earthy? Easy to wear and I get compliments galore, the best of which was when my (very stylish) pal bought a pair of the same earrings for herself. The sincerest form of flattery, indeed.

[Photo courtesy of Beth Pohlman Jewelry]

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