Thursday, February 5, 2009

Valentine's Day gift-giving from afar

Over a cup of coffee recently a friend of mine recounted the thought process he went through as he considered what to do for his sweetheart for Valentine's Day. You see, it's not as easy as it might be because his wife will be thousands of miles away so an in-person activity just isn't an option.

He admitted to me that his first response was "Whew! I'm totally off the hook this year!" But this is one very thoughtful guy, and quickly his better instincts kicked in. We talked about getting a reservation at a fabulous restaurant for her to have dinner that night, but how much fun would it be if they couldn't enjoy it together? A gigantic bouquet of flowers? Always welcome, but a little ho-hum. Sometimes the opposite of over-the-top lavish is just the right thing, and I agreed that his first -- or rather, second -- thought was the best: Overnight a card with his handwritten note and have it waiting for her at the hotel. A gesture that clearly required some effort, while being sweetly thoughtful and very personal.

Advice in its many forms... Every once in a while it's not so much a recommendation we need, as confirmation. Go forth and Valentine, my friends!

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