Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Saint

Tonight a friend and I sampled the wares of The Saint on Capitol Hill. I totally dig the turquoise and white website, menu, and triangular building. What they say on their site is absolutely accurate: You can’t miss it. The interior is plastered with prints of bull fighters, and I love the clean contrasts of blue, brown, and white accented with glowing red globes and red roses.

The Saint espouses tequila salvation but I think it’s more like $5 salvation. In these Challenging Economic Times an affordable but compelling happy hour is a more worthwhile pursuit than ever. For $5 each during the 5-7pm happy hour you have the choice between five cocktails, not all of which are tequila-centric. I know it’s their hook and all, but really I’m a gin drinker at heart. I tried the cucumber cocktail and was pleased as punch. Er, pleased as cucumber, gin, and cassis, anyway.

The happy hour tapas options, also $5 each, included mole tacos, nachos, carne asada tacos, mini enchiladas, and ceviche. We had the first two and they didn’t knock my socks off, but I suspect that if I gave the dinner (or brunch) menu a chance I might have great things to say about the quality of food at The Saint. I’ll be back, in any case, because it feels like a great place to hang out and spend some time. A bar with a very cleanly-presented look that still manages to feel warm and inviting -- just my style.

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[Photo courtesy of The Saint]

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  1. This bar sounds just like the place I'm looking for, unfortunately, the drive would be a little far, even for fabulous $5 happy hour drinks. Maybe I can get my mates down under to start up a pub with same warm and inviting feel, but add to the menu roo tapas!