Monday, November 9, 2009

The Living Room

Barely open a week, The Living Room on Capitol Hill is still working out a few things. Little things like naming the cocktail I sampled the night I was there: Cardinal Mendoza, Finot sherry, splash of lemon juice, champagne, garnished with a lemon twist. It’s just the littlest bit sweet, and leaves the best warmth in your throat after it goes down. A whole lot like the bar itself, actually.

Styled to be comfortable and homey, The Living Room achieves just that with couches in different sizes and shapes and mismatched end tables and coffee tables, both on the main floor and in the upstairs loft. The double-height wood paneling feels a little like an upscale version of rec rooms past, and is the perfect complement to those couches and the multiple pairs of funky glass light fixtures. The overall look feels unified with the addition of same-same tall chairs and tables in both spaces, as well as two absolutely beautiful resin bars upstairs and downstairs. Add warm, dark blue walls and dim lighting and it feels like a good friend’s living room (duh) -- just the kind of place you want to stay for a while and work your way through what I expect will be a fantastic cocktail menu.

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