Friday, November 13, 2009


It’s that time again, time for another home accessories swap hosted by the nice folks at Sit+Sip. The event gives green-focused retailers and vendors exposure to the local audience, and up to 100 participants the chance to swap their own things for something new to them. It’s a great way to refresh your space without spending money, and at the same time saving unwanted items from hitting the landfill.

How does it work? Each person pays $10 and comes with three or more items in good condition. Think rugs, framed prints, candle holders, vases. There are a couple of rounds of swapping where everyone gets to peruse the loot and pick out two things they want to take home for FREE, then additional rounds occur until everyone is swapped out. Anything left at the end can either go home with its original owner or will be donated to Children’s Hospital Thrift Stores. Another reason to feel good about participating: 20% of profits made from that $10 per person is donated to Children’s Hospital. Excellent!

The details:

Holiday Home Accessories Swap
Saturday, November 21
Phinney Neighborhood Center - 6532 Phinney Avenue N, Seattle
10:00am - noon

Speaking of sprucing up with great design… I want to thank Colleen Ando and 2e Design for my fabulous new blog header and color scheme. Thanks, Colleen, for my mod new look!

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  1. I LOVE the new header! That's the million dollar smile we all know and trust!